One on One with Zombie Apocalypse Juror Robb Padgett

Wrong Turn by EBSQ Artist Mark Satchwill
Wrong Turn by EBSQ Artist Mark Satchwill

We did the online version of sitting down with Zombie Apocalypse juror Robb Padgett to get his take on all-things zombie. Since the world might sort-of possibly end soon, we decided to make things fun–just in case.

What for you epitomizes the pinnacle of High Zombie Art?

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo – If one defines “Zombie Art” as art created by zombies. If you’re talking about “Art in which the subject matter is zombies” then I’d have to say Night of the Living dead by George A Romero. Sure, that would mean the genre peaked early, but when dealing with Zombies as metaphor, what else is there really to say that George didn’t? Of course, he popularized the genre so much that George himself went on to make a bazillion more zombie movies. But I like to think he made those movies ironically in order to illustrate the point of the first film.

What do you think most influenced the our current zombie aesthetic?

I’d have to say George Romero again. Although, 28 Days Later by Danny Boyle seems to have taken the zombie genre in a slightly new direction. If “faster zombies” can be considered a new direction.

Vampire. Zombie. Werewolf. Who wins in a mud wrestling match?

Werewolf. Absolutely. It would be a long battle since zombies have stamina. But werewolves are scrappy and smarter. They say a dog is about as smart as a toddler. They say zombies are about as coordinated as a toddler. Any vampire worth his bejeweled medallion wouldn’t be caught undead wrestling in mud.

What’s your favourite side dish to serve with fresh brains?

Is “more brains” an option? I think if one is committed to eating brains, it’s best to avoid distractions.

What is the one non-essential food you’re going to hoard prior to Friday’s Apocalypse now that Twinkies are off the menu?

Fluffy Stuff. It’s cotton candy in a bag. It’s delicious and filled with preservatives so it will last long enough for it to become “essential” again. I plan to live well past the apocalypse so I’ll need to hoard a lot of Fluffy Stuff. My horticulture skills are abysmal. If you ever need to find me after Armageddon, I’ll be the guy on the permanent sugar high. Also, my skin will have probably turned pink and blue from the colorants.

What is the single most important tip you could give someone facing a horde of zombies?

Acquiesce. I’ve never heard a zombie complain.

~ . ~

About the juror:

Robb Padgett is a new-media potentate living in Los Angeles. His webseries Vampire Zombie Werewolf and Life from the Inside have been viewed millions of times and have been liked by dozens.

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