EBSQ Facebook Artist of the Week: Tracey Allyn Greene

Who and where are you?

I am Tracey Allyn Greene full-time primarily self-taught artist at Tag’s Cats.  I have a studio in Huntsville Alabama.  I specialize in pet portrait oil paintings but also do many other subjects and mediums.

 How were you introduced to Facebook?

I joined Facebook a few years back.  I had actually started my art career online through Ebay at first then discovered the EBSQ online artist community through Ebay at that time back in 2003.  Most of my art career until recent years has been spent promoting myself online and enjoying the fellowship and support of the online art communities.  Facebook started to take off and at first I joined just to see what all the hype was about then discovered many of my online artist friends were already a part of it and it is a great way to network. It is amazing to be able to talk with artists all over the world and help to promote each other.

Any tips for other artists starting a Facebook Page?

I was on Facebook for a while before even starting my own artwork page.  Tips?  Keep it updated whenever you can.  Upload your art and share it with your personal page as well.  Invite fans to events and openings. Post works in progress people are interested!  It’s great to sell your art direct online then if you have sales you can invite people to participate even if they are far away.  I also…as an animal lover and rescuer…enjoy helping out a rescue once a year with a drawing for someone to win a custom pet portrait all proceeds benefiting a favorite cat rescue of mine.  I invite all my FB page fans and personal FB page friends to the event, and it gets attention both to the cat rescue and to my artwork.  Anything I donate a painting to I promote on my page.

What’s your favorite Facebook Page feature?

As far as a FB page feature I like the best….it would have to be being able to create an event and the share feature.

What’s coming next from your studio?

Right now I am working on several things….I still do local and regional art festivals so gearing up for new art to take to those.  Always doing pet portrait commissions and have several I am working on at the moment.  And I have a huge series of paintings in the works for a solo exhibit in June at Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment in Huntsville where I have a studio space.  The crazy cat lady artist always keeps busy!

Art á la carte: Tracey Allyn Greene

I loved art throughout my youth and I’ve always loved animals and nature.

My Muse Print for sale at Imagekind Starting at $17.56
My Muse Print for sale at Imagekind Starting at $17.56
 In fact, I invisioned myself growing up to be one of those Crazy Cat Ladies….hmmm, I think I’ve got that one covered!
Black Cat Pet Rock $25.00 at Etsy
Black Cat Pet Rock $25.00 at Etsy
  In 2002, while still working as a veterinary technician, I took up art once again, with my love of animals, and cats especially, providing the inspiration.
Dash & Beanies Print starting at $17.56 at Imagekind
Dash & Beanies Print starting at $17.56 at Imagekind
You can learn more about Tracey Allyn Greene on her EBSQ Bio.
To see more of her art please visit her EBSQ portfolio, or visit one of her online venues: