Friday Five: Words of Wisdom

Kiwi: Polish Pottery LXXXIII by Heather Sims
Kiwi: Polish Pottery LXXXIII by Heather Sims

1. Whether you Make it or Not is Never about Talent by Yuko Shimizu

There are ALWAYS going to be people who are better than you, and that is totally OK. It is an unnecessary distraction you should never focus on.

2. Ten Rules Every Artist Should Live By by Grant Goodwine

The people who don’t give up, no matter what life throws at them, are more likely to make a name for themselves in whichever creative vocation they choose.

3.  Freedom of Sketch by Lauren Panepinto

Freedom of speech is a right that trumps freedom from being offended. Every time.

4. On Managing Time, Insecurities, and the Magic Mirror Gate by Guiseppe Castellano

I don’t know of any artist who wakes up in the morning and says, “Yeah, I’m as good as I want to be.” There will always be room for growth. The key is to keep moving.

 5. “Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” — J.K. Rowling


EBSQ Friday Five

Blue Green Abstraction by Luba Lubin

1. This week’s featured Friday Five artist is Luba Lubin and her Blue Green Abstraction. I can’t resist those blues!

2. Enjoy TED Talks? Check these out: 5 TED Talks to Kickstart your Creativity.

3. James Gurney has a new instructional watercolor video and he’s posted a list of the materials used, with links and notes — Watercolor in the Wild Materials.

4. Looking for a way to improve your figure drawing skills? Sketch Daily References let’s you pick what you want to draw and the time you want to spend on each and then creates a slideshow for you. You can select clothed figures, nude, specific body parts and even animals.

5. Are you an EBSQ Artist with an upcoming exhibition or other event you’d like to share? Get in touch with me to be included in the Friday Five: amanda[at]ebsqart[dot]com.


EBSQ Friday Five

Tuxedo Dreamin' by Christine Striemer

1. Before I saw the title of Christine Striemer’s Code’s latest painting, I thought, what a lovely dream-like quality. Spot on! Cat lovers will fall for Tuxedo Dreamin’.

2. Don’t forget to download Maureen Frank’s January Mandala – Confidence. “Our confidence comes with remembering and celebrating our past and present accomplishments regardless of how trivial.”

3. The clock is ticking for our January Art Exhibits. Have you entered? Check them out today – Penguins and Flower of the Month: Snowdrops.

4. An interesting article from – Are you over-sharing your artwork?

5. Artkick founder brings Bill Gates’ digital art dream to life – Read about the project and check out the Artkick App. What do you think about this new way to bring art to the public?

EBSQ Friday Five

Cavaliere Errante by Alessandro Andreuccetti

1. Alessandro Andreuccetti mixed media painting Cavaliere Errante was impossible to miss on the front page of EBSQ this morning. I love the burst of colors on top of the text. Magnifico!

2. Did you know the University of California Press has over 770 ebooks available for free to the public? There is a collection of books on Architecture, Art, Art History, Art Theory and many more subjects. Browse the public ebooks by subject here.

3. Ever wondered how often you should be posting to different social media outlets? It could make a difference to how you market you art!

4. Art Installation at J.F.K. Faces Possible Destruction – It would be a crime to destroy this installation. Anyone have a 600 ft wall available?

5. 12 Things You Should Never Say To An Artist 😉

EBSQ Friday Five

Ballerina by Luda Angel

1. For the last few weeks I’ve been posting winter/holiday artwork in the Friday Five. Can you guess what Luda Angel’s painting, Ballerina, brought to mind this morning?

2. How to Photograph your Paintings – Another gem from Muddy Colors.

3. December’s Mandala of the Month by Maureen Frank is titled Impedimenta–exploring the baggage that halts our creative progress.

4. Fate of Detroit’s Art Hangs in the Balance – Have you been following this story?

5. Artist Transforms Eyelids into Works of Art <– So cool!!

EBSQ Friday Five

BYOBa by Sherry Key
BYOBa by Sherry Key

1. BYOBa – I can’t get enough of Sherry Key’s whimsical and often surreal art. Can you guess the meaning of BYOBa?

2. Hollyhock Painting Started – Take a peek inside Kimberly Vanlandingham’s studio to see how she gets started painting.

3. MOTM: Our Bodies –  This month’s free mandala by Maureen Frank encourages us to listen to our bodies and slow down!

4. It won’t be long before my local convention, DragonCon, is underway. This year both Jasmine Becket-Griffith and Tiffany Toland-Scott will be at the Art Show!

5. Tips on Pricing your Art for Licensing – I see this question pop up in the forums often. So here you go. dishes out a few tips to help you with the process.

EBSQ Friday Five

Still Life with Hardanger by Sandra Willard
Still Life with Hardanger by Sandra Willard

1. Still Life with Hardanger -Sandra Willard and her extraordinary talent have amazed me again.

2. Lowe Mill Art Studios and Grumpy Cat – The talented artists of this large studio in Alabama, including EBSQ’s very own Tracey Allyn Greene, have been featured in The Huffington Post! Congrats, Tracey!

3. Controversies: eBay and Adobe – Tiffany Toland-Scott shares some very important information concerning this two giants. This is a must read for anyone who uses eBay to sell their art and for all Photoshop users.

4. MOTM: Simplify – Maureen Frank’s mandala for May is all about simplifying our lives. Stop by her blog to download this month’s mandala for free.

5. Fostering Friendly Familiarity – has a superb article on how to market your art by building a relationship with your viewers, not just seeing them as buyers.


EBSQ Friday Five

Dogwood Prince by Gretchen Del Rio

1. Dogwood Prince – I love this new painting for May by Gretchen Del Rio. Have the dogwoods bloomed where you live?

2. Creating a Fantasy Storybook Illustration – Wonderful post from Ursula Tessa Brozovich- Kerger on creating a Fantasy illustration.

3. Mother’s Day Studio Tour – The 15th Annual Camano Island Studio Tour begins May 10th. EBSQ Glass Bead Artist Vicki Miller will have works shown in the Seagrass Gallery. See her blog for more details.

4. Kickstarter vs. IndieGoGo – Tiffany Toland-Scott shares her experience with the two big crowdfunding sites.

5. Varnish and Finish Coats – Georgia Papadakis has an informative post on her blog about varnish, finish coats and their effect on a painting’s overall color.

EBSQ Friday Five

No River Like Craving by Angie Reed Garner
No River Like Craving by Angie Reed Garner

1. No River like a Craving – Head over to Angie Reed Garner’s blog for a larger of view of this immense painting and step into the river.

2. The making of Esplanade Beauty – Melanie Douthit walks us through her painting process. It’s always interesting to see how an artists approaches a painting.

3. My Art and thoughts on Norman Rockwell – Erika Nelson recently had the pleasure of viewing  large Rockwell exhibit. I think anytime we see an artist’s work for the first time in a gallery setting, as opposed to through the media, we are changed.

4.6 Tips for Creating Artist Business Cards – Some excellent advice from the folks at

5. Are you an EBSQ Artist with a newsworthy blog post? Let me know: amanda[at]ebsqart[dot]com

EBSQ Friday Five

Little Mermaid by Natalia Pierandrei

1. Little Mermaid Charity Auction – EBSQ Artist Natalia Pierandrei, along with other influential artists, is participating in a charity auction to help Robin Sullins. Follow links on her blog to learn more.

2. MOTM: One Thing Leads to Another – Have you downloaded this month’s free mandala from Maureen Frank? “This month’s mandala reminds us that our lives are a journey…weaving in, out and around in all manner of directions.”

3. Understanding your Story as an Artist – Artist Statements, Blogging, and the dreaded Bio are hurdles we have to tackle as artists. has a great article to you approach these essentials.

4. The 1913 Armory Show Shook the Art World – The centennial is approaching for the 1913 Armory Show, one of the most famous art exhibitions in history.

5. Have you entered one of our February Art Exhibits?

EBSQ Friday Five

Winetrwood by Mark Satchwill

1. Winterwood – EBSQ Artist Mark Satchwill, may be best known for his portraits, but he proves he can paint anything with this wonderful winter landscape.

2. EBSQ January Exhibits – Today is the first day to vote in January’s online exhibits. We have two shows: FOTM – Mixed Bouquet and Norse Mythology.

3. Getting Ready for the Circus Show – Claudia Roulier shares how the background of her paintings evolve.

4. How to Choose the Best Social Media Outlet – Don’t have time for multiple social networking sites? All you really need to do is pick the right one for you and your art. This article from shares some great tips!

5. Stay Connected with EBSQ – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Forum

EBSQ Friday Five

Stop and Smell the Daisies by Carol DeMumbrum

1. Stop and Smell the Daisies – Carol DeMumbrum is participating in a challenge to paint 30 paintings in 30 days. The delightful golden retriever above is the first.

2. MOTD: When all Else Fails – Maureen Frank’s free mandala for January can be downloaded from her blog. This month’s is not about failure, but endings becoming beginnings.

3. 2013 EBSQ Exhibit Calendar – I’ve written a blog post about the exhibits I plan to enter this year. Have you too made a plan?

4. How I Combine Colors in an Abstract Tree – Miriam Schulman discusses her process in the latest post to her blog.

5. 6 Powerful New Years Art Resolutions – If you’ve been avoiding commitment to a diet or maybe cleaning out the garage, maybe you need to focus on this Art Resolutions from 😉

Happy New Year!

7 Art Portfolio Best Practices to Start 2013 with a Bang!

Day of the Dead New Year by EBSQ Artist Susan Brack
Day of the Dead New Year by EBSQ Artist Susan Brack

Ok, I admit it: this is a repost from last year. But the advice is just as timely.  Get ready for 2013 with these 7 readiness tips.

Is your contact information up-to-date? Make sure we have your current private email address for lost password retrieval and public contact information for people who want to learn more about your art. We’ve often seen members post that they do commissions but don’t offer a contact method for potential buyers. If they can’t connect, you’ve lost a sale.

Are your website and blog addresses still correct? How about your eBay and Etsy IDs? Again, if we don’t have the right information, people aren’t going to be able to find you or your work at your preferred sales venues.

An addendum to the above: Have you linked to all of your current venues? And have you unlinked venues you no longer use? If you’re primarily selling at FineArtAmerica, but you only have a link to an abandoned eBay account, you’re squandering an opportunity to direct interested parties to work that’s currently available. We suggest you consider removing venues you aren’t actively using or maintaining. This includes placeholder websites and blogs that haven’t been updated in over a year.

When is the last time you took a serious look at your artist’s statement? Do you have a “Hi, I’m new,” message that you posted back in 2007 and simply forgot about? Or notes about your Spring cleaning sales from last year? Are you talking about your photography or sculpture when you’re now showing a portfolio full of abstract expressionism? Have you done any new shows or changed galleries? Don’t forget to add this new information to your CV.

Have your commission prices changed? If so, don’t forget to make these edits if you have pricing listed on your commissions page. Or maybe you don’t do commissioned work at all anymore–you can always turn off this feature by unchecking the “commissions available” box in your profile tools.

Are you showing your newest work? While we do have members that update their portfolio as soon as they have something new, others simply upload a handful of work when they join and forgeddaboutit, letting their portfolios collect cyber dust. When was the last time you added something new? Every time you add new art to your portfolio, that piece shows up on the front page of EBSQ, which in turn brings more people back to your portfolio.  For best success, we strongly suggest you upload new work monthly, or even weekly. “Post and Pray” does not work.

Is it for sale? If so, you can add in a PayPal “buy it now” button directly in your artist statement. You’re also welcome to link directly to other venues where a specific piece might be available. (Just make sure you update your information if it’s already been sold!)

Have another great tip for getting your portfolio into shape? Please share it in the comments below!


PS Not yet a member? Grab a great deal on EBSQ Artist Memberships through 31 December 2012!

EBSQ Friday Five


1. Lady Luck – EBSQ has an abundance of visual artists but did you know we also have some amazing glass artists? I love these original earrings by Vickie Miller.

2. Strathmore 2013 Workshops – Strathmore has opened registration for their 2013 workshops. This year’s classes are: Abstract Fine Art Painting with Mixed Media, Sketching & Drawing with Toned Paper, and Artful Card-Making Techniques.

3. Copy Rights – What is fair use? Where do you draw the line? This is an interesting article from March of this year from Art News magazine.

4. 8 Secrets of a Successful Artist’s DNA – The habits and traits of a successful artist are examined in this article from Light, Space, & Time.

5. Do you have a news worthy blog post you’d like to share with our readers? Email me at amanda[at]ebsqart[dot]com.

EBSQ Friday Five


1. Pear with Silver Creamer – I could sit and admire Sandra Willard’s scratch board art for hours. Can you believe this is scratchboard?!

2. Take a Positive Punch with your Art – Delilah Smith talks about creativity and inspiration on her blog, and how to keep them fresh.

3. Twitter Updates Art Collectors will Want to Read – This is a must read article from for any artist trying to promote and sell through Twitter.

4. 15 Ways the Arts & Culture Community is Aiding Sandy Relief – From auctions to benefit shows the art community is reaching out to help those affected by hurricane Sandy.

5. Are you an EBSQ artist donating funds through art sales to help with relief efforts? Email me at amanda[at]ebsqart[dot]com.

EBSQ Friday Five


1. Alla Prima Pumpkin – It wouldn’t be Halloween without a pumpkin and this one by Christine Striemer is a work of fine art!

2. The Painted Bra Art Project – EBSQ artist Windi Rosson is participating in a project to support breast cancer awareness. See her blog for more details!

3. Bringing Home the Herd – Take a look at my blog to learn about an IndieGoGo project that will feature some of my original watercolors. The alpacas are coming!

4. Build Relationships with your Pinterest Followers – Building relationships with any group of people online is the first step toward creating repeat buyers. Take a look at this great article from

5. Send me your newsworthy blog posts!! You can contact me at amanda[at]ebsqart[dot]com.

Have a great weekend and watch out for those zombies!

EBSQ Friday Five


1. Pop Surrealism – EBSQ artist, Alma Lee, has an informative post on her blog about Pop Surrealism and how her art fits this genre.

2. MOTM: More than One Way to Get There – Maureen Frank’s mandala for July is available to download for free!

3. Review: Faber Castell and Walnut Hollow Oil Pencils – Sherry Key shares her experiences with two big brand oil pencils.

4. Explore your Inner Creative Spirit – Stacey Zimmerman has a series of post on her blog for expanding your creativity. Check out the latest today.

5. How-To: Product Photography – Artist Louise Mead has a great tips for photographing you art for online marketplaces.

Have a great weekend!

EBSQ Friday Five

The EBSQ Friday Five offers a brief look at noteworthy news from around the EBSQ Artist Blogosphere.

Peaceful Twilight by Michael Glover

1. Peaceful Twilight – Stunning. Need I say more about Michael Glover’s new photograph?

2. Edith and Promarker Ultra-fine Nibs – Mark Satchwill discusses is latest portrait and includes an incredible time-lapse video of its creation.

3. Review of the Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener – Kari Tirrell offers up a product review on a very retro pencil sharpener.

4. Post your Etsy Treasury on Facebook – Miriam Schulman has an in-depth post on sharing Etsy treasuries on Facebook

5. Increasing Traffic to your Blog – Natasha Wescoat’s simple and to the point tips will help you draw more visitors to your blog.


EBSQ Friday Five

The EBSQ Friday Five offers a brief look at noteworthy news from around the EBSQ Artist Blogosphere (and sometimes beyond).

Untitled by Windi Rosson

1. Weekly Painting Special – Bids for the painting above start at only $9.99 with free shipping. It’s artist Windi Rosson’s deal of the week!

2. Best Artist in the Delta Finalist – Congratulations are in order for artist Melanie Douthit who is a finalist for Best Artist in her region!! She still needs your vote, check her blog for details.

3. A Silver Lining – Cathy Johnson has some important new on her Instructional CD’s and a Giveaway!!!

4. Eight Social Media Tips – In my traversing of the internet I stumbled across this post by EBSQer Natasha Wescoat!

5. Should Artists Blog – The simple answer to this questions is YES! This post explains the why.

Have a great weekend!

EBSQ Friday Five

The EBSQ Friday Five offers a brief look at noteworthy news from around the EBSQ Artist Blogosphere.

Bali Hai by Melanie Pruitt

1. EBSQ and New Kauai Painting – One of our newest members gave a shout out on her blog. I couldn’t resist returning the goodwill. Welcome to EBSQ Melanie!

2. The Vault – Sara Burrier has opened it. What is it? Only she can tell you.

3. Art Organizations – Art organizations can be in invaluable tool. What organizations do you belong to?

4. Entry in the Enigma Show – Sherry Key has an interesting post up on not just her entry but the story and ideas behind its creation.

5. 12 Blogging Tips for Crafters and Artists – This is an older post, but the information is still relevant. If you are struggling with your blog check this post out for some great ideas.