Team EBSQ-Etsy Featured Showcase: Passion

Passion. The word can be interpreted in many ways. It’s used to describe the love between two people, the zeal for life, and the intensity of an artist’s skill with a brush, to name a few. We hope you enjoy our team’s interpretations of Passion!

Burnt Offerings by Diane Casey

Raspberry Truffle by Kris Jean Passion Flower by Amanda Makepeace

Dali by Patience Edgar Allan Poe by Patience

Elf Man Drawing by Pati Springmeyer Shaman's Rite by John Borrero

Crochet Wall Vase by Sherry Key Hearts Kisses Hugs ACEO by Sherry Key

Eiffel Tower by Patricia Lee Christensen Paris Sidewalk Cafe by Patricia Lee Christensen

Pretty Pansy by Patricia Lee Christensen

Featured above are:  Diane Casey,  Kris Jean,  Amanda Makepeace, Patience, Pati Springmeyer, John Borrero, and Sherry Key, and Patricia Lee Christensen.

Next month’s theme: Blue Birds

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