Gearing up for an Awesome Artful 2013

Lo and behold, it’s a new year. What the heck happened to 2012? Or that pesky zombie apocalypse we had on our calendar? The whole year just seemed to whiz by. Anyhow. 2013. It’s here. Time to gear up!

Is your portfolio ready for 2013?

Check out these 7 art portfolio readiness tips here on the EBSQ Blog!

Speaking of  2013…
Our 2013 Art Exhibit Calendar has been announced! Which shows are you most looking forward to?

Finally–New Beginnings

December was a rough month for Team EBSQ. Everybody was down with the flu (and other ailments) multiple times. I think I can count the number of days I personally wasn’t sick on one hand! As a result, the finishing touches on the newest iteration of the EBSQ website is running behind schedule. We’re looking forward to getting back on track in 2013, bringing you a faster site, e-commerce tools, a significantly improved FAQ (I can hear many of you applauding), and hopefully, a site that will be advertising-free.

To achieve these ends, we can also use your help. We still haven’t met our goal of 150 new members to replace the lost advertising revenue. To that end, monthly memberships and permanent accounts are still on sale. Each new (and returning) monthly member helps us meet our monthly bills and expenses. Each permanent account purchase goes toward upgrading equipment, software licenses, and building toward our future so we can compete with the big fish out there. Together, we can make 2013 an incredible year for the self-representing artist.

Wishing you peace, prosperity, and an Artful New Year,
-Amie Gillingham on behalf  of Team EBSQ
Supporting living artists since 2000

Some updates for the week

We’re nearing the end of the data recovery process and hope to be back online within the next 48 hours.   We’ll update if/when that ETA changes.

In the interim, many of you have last month’s exhibits as well as October’s on the brain. Here’s what’s happening with these.

If you missed seeing the notice on our temporary homepage or our Facebook feed,  all September exhibits have been extended through mid-October.

Shows on tap for October are:

Think Pink, our annual Susan G Komen fundraiser. All entries must have a significant amount of pink the the composition. There’s a $10 entry fee per piece, payable to SGK. We’ll get the details on how to pay your entry fee soon.

Our annual Pet Portrait Swap is happening this month. Looking for a partner? Let us know in the comments to this post, or leave a note on our Facebook wall.

This month’s Flower of the Month is members of the gourd family, Cucurbitaceae. As you might have guessed based upon the name, cucumbers and zucchini are also welcome.

We’re postponing our juried Norse Mythology exhibit until 2012, likely January. More details will be forthcoming.

And lastly on a personal note, I miss you guys. I can’t wait to have us back up and running again and see all of the art that happened in the past week.

Thanks for your patience.  We know this past week has been a major inconvenience.


Wednesday’s bug report

We’ve been working around the clock to correct the most urgent issues. Namely, IE browser compatibility issues and getting ALL of the tools current tools (uploading, sorting, COAs, & templates) working for ALL of our customers. Once this is done, we’ll start working on getting other tools back online (counters, stats, etc) and other individual technical issues.

We know this is rather poor timing since all of you are gearing up for the holiday season. We’re truly sorry for the inconvenience we know this is causing you. It’s my sincere hope to make this right for each and every one of you as soon as possible.

In the interim, hang in there, kids! And please, give Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Opera a try. (Pretty please!)

I’ll report back as soon as there’s news. And now, back to the grindstone I go!


EBSQ Community Guidelines

From time to time, we like to republish our Community Guidelines. Even though we’re one of the best-behaved groups of artists you’ll ever find online or off, it’s good to refresh the ole memory all the same:

EBSQ is more than just an art portfolio-hosting site for individual use; we’re also an active community of artists. These guidelines are an addendum to our official Terms of Service for the site. Be aware that these guidelines pertain to behaviour across all aspects of our site: individual portfolios, EBSQ galleries and shows, our forums, and our chat room.

How to mind your P’s and (EBS)Q’s


Do unto others:

In other words, play nice. Treat others with respect. And if you have a conflict with another member, please try to settle it privately rather than dragging the community in a flame war.

If it doesn’t belong to you, please don’t put it on our site:

We ask that you only upload images that you created and solely belong to you. If you want to curate a collection of EBSQ work you like, feel free to add it to your favourites folder(s).

Your Art Case is for Art. Period.

Please do not use your EBSQ Art Case for general image hosting. If you have something like a banner that you use as part of your marketing materials, you can include it as part of your 10-alotted non-art image hosting slots. If it’s a picture of your new kitty or your house-remodel, save it for a general photo sharing site.

Don’t get folks fired (aka “about those risque art pieces that are NSFW…”):

We do not yet have a content filter to keep the site 100% Work-safe, but we don’t want to censor your art. EBSQ does allow Adult content in personal portfolios and in our Adult Content gallery. That said, IF your work is appropriate for this gallery, it does not belong elsewhere on the site. Example? If it’s a graphically nude photograph, it does not belong in our portrait or photography galleries. This includes your identity images and personal avatars for the forums.

What belongs in the Adult content gallery?

Work that is graphically explicit or suggestive, be it violent or sexual in nature. We reserve the right to remove porn and otherwise illegal imagery from our site. In the event of repeat offenses, your account may be suspended or terminated.

What’s the difference between Artistic Nude and Adult Content?

Breasts and/or Buttocks + no sexual connotation = artistic nude. Private parts or otherwise sexually suggestive in context = Adult Content. (We’ve seen from experience that figure can be completely clothed and still sexually suggestive.)

Don’t put illegal stuff on our site:

Kiddie porn? No thank you. Work that violates someone else’s copyright? Nope. Do not want. Work that harrasses or attacks an individual or group of people? Nope, not welcome.

We admit it; we stole this one from Flickr: Don’t be Creepy.

You know the guy. Don’t be that guy.

I’m not creepy–am I?

Hopefully not! Just to be sure, don’t, for example, upload pinhole camera pictures taken on the sly of your neighbour’s children in the kiddie pool. Also, repeated posts of an overly personal, negative, controversial, disruptive or confrontational nature = creepy. Just don’t do it.

Other things to keep in mind:

EBSQ is a diverse community, encompassing all manner of nationalities, political and spiritual beliefs, sexual orientations and lifestyle choices, and of course, all manner of artistic media, genre, and styles. Try to focus on what brings us all together: a love of art. You may be offended by something you see on the site, or see work that is in the wrong gallery. If you have a problem with another member’s behaviour or content posted on the site, please drop us a line to let us know!

Give other members a heads up:

If you’re posting a thread on our fourms that contains overly foul language, an off-colour joke, political commentary, nude art for critique, or anything else that other members might wish to avoid reading/seeing, please note this in your subject line for your forum posts. Failure to do so can result in having your post removed by one of the moderators, and continuing to do so can result in loss of posting access or membership.

Copyright issues:

We take image ownership very seriously. That said, there are some emerging artists who emulate what they see other successful artists doing, and their “borrowing” of your imagery is probably not malicious. If you think an EBSQ member has violated your copyright, a good first step is to drop them a polite line and ask them to remove the work from their portfolio. If this does not work, please contact us with an infringement notice and we’ll handle things from there.

So–that’s the whole spiel.

We hope you’ll find these guidelines make for a more harmonious community environment. And if you find you can’t live by these rules, perhaps EBSQ isn’t the best place for you and your art. That’s cool. Thanks for your consideration.

Questions? Comments? Feedback is always welcome. Drop us a line and an honest-to-goodness real person will write back to you. Scouts’ honor!

December Show Extension

We have a bit of a late holiday gift for the procrastinators in the EBSQ family.  Due to some upload weirdness that happened as a result of our recent server migration, we’re extending the deadline for December’s shows to 11:59PM Eastern Time on January 3, 2010. Voting will also be extended by 3 days.

In the interim, here’s a bit of a trick to get your pics uploaded without disappearing into the ether:

  • resize your primary art  images to no more than 800 x 800 pixels prior to uploading
  • if you’re having a hard time, wait to upload your details until later
  • and make sure your detail images are resized to no more than 400 x 400 prior to uploading
  • if all else fails, drop us an email with your image and we’ll get them uploaded and added to the show of your choice (<–this is a last resort thing!)

So–that’s the scoop. We hope things get back to normal so we can start off our ten anniversary year with a bang rather than a whimper!

Happy New Year from EBSQ!

EBSQ Server Migration and Support Holiday Hours

Merry Christmas from EBSQ!
Two little reindeer (EBSQ kiddos Abbey & Liam) wish you a very Merry Christmas!

EBSQ will be migrating to shiny new servers on Saturday, 26 December 2009 starting at Noon Eastern Standard Time. The current estimated total downtime is between 1 & 2 hours. We picked a weekend we hoped you all would have other plans, so hopefully we chose well! You can stay posted on our progress by following us on Twitter:

And one more service-related note: Customer Service  and Tech Support will be limited on Christmas Eve and closed on Christmas Day so our staff can spend the day with their families (and try not to eat all of the Christmas cookies!). If you have a general question, you’re always welcome to stop by our member forums. It’s likely some clueful person will be about to help if they can!

From all of us here at EBSQ, we wish you a safe and Happy Holiday Season and an Artful New Year!

-Amie, Bill, Melissa, Kris Jean, & Natasha

Come get your tweet on

Come follow us at Twitter
Come follow us at Twitter

I discovered Twitter through a good friend back in Fall 2006 and finally got around to creating a personal account in February 2007.  A month later, Twitter went nuts at a little conference known as SXSWi.  A month after that, it occurred to me that EBSQ should have an outpost on Twitter as well, so we created our Twitter account. Just two short years later, the service has become ubiquitous.  Lots of you have gotten on board the Twitter crazy train and are using Twitter to connect with each other and art buyers around the globe.  Now, we’ve made it easier for you to connect.  If you’re a paid EBSQ member, you’ll see there’s now a place to add your Twitter id in your External Links list.  Just add your user name and we’ll autogenerate a link directly to your profile.

Come tweet with us! You’ll find us at
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EBSQ just got bigger

Big Carrot Back at My Place by Fabio J Napoleoni
Big Carrot Back at My Place by Fabio J Napoleoni

Well, sort of! We recently got feedback from a member stating that she was less than happy with how small her images were here compared to elsewhere. So, we took a critical look at our display sizes, as well as the thumbnail display sizes of other art and photography venues online. And she was right. Our images, in comparison, were downright tiny at 100 x 100 pixels. So, we’ve embiggened our thumbnails to a whopping 166 x 166 which we think GREATLY enhances the viewing experience on our site because in the end, it’s all about your art.

Want to see our new size in context?

What do you think of the change?

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EBSQ Announces Revamped Featured Artist Program

Art: Yarni Girl by Artist Lori Rase Hall
Yarni Girl by Lori Rase Hall

EBSQ has been doing artist interviews for almost as long as we’ve been online (for those keeping track, that’s almost 9 years!). The one question we’ve been asked time and again is, “I want to be featured; how do I do that?” In the past, it’s always been an editorial decision. But lately, we’ve been wondering, “People actually want to apply; why not let them?” So long as you’re a paid member in good standing, you’re eligible. (not yet a paid artist member of EBSQ?  Join now!)

And so we’re excited to introduce our revamped Featured Artist interview program. Here’s how the application process will work:

Send us a photo of yourself along with 5 jpegs that best represent your art right now as well as answer up to 5 of the following questions:


  • How long have you been creating?
  • What’s your media of choice?
  • What, besides your art, brings you creative fulfillment?
  • What are your motivations for creating?
  • What other artists or movements inform your work?
  • How do you know when a piece you’re working on is done?
  • What do you find stimulating right now? How does this influence your creative process?
  • What brought you to EBSQ?
  • What are some of your artistic goals for the future?
  • What would you like your fellow EBSQ artists and our collectors to know about you and/or your work?

Send your jpegs and text via email to

If it looks like your email will be larger than 6MB, please send additional emails with attachments as needed. The ultimate display size for your work will be 450 x 450 pixels, so if you want to pre-format your images to those size restrictions, we’d greatly appreciate it!

We’ll be featuring one artist per week. Your profile will be displayed prominently on the front page of EBSQ, and your interview will appear both as part of your portfolio and in the EBSQ blog.

Due to the volume of email anticipated, we won’t be able to reply to everyone’s emails, although we’ll certainly drop you a line if you’re selected!

Our next EBSQ Featured Artist spot goes live on Monday, 10 August 2009, so get those applications in today!

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Good news and bad news

First the good news: EBSQ is up and stable. We haven’t seen any of the errors that necessitated our emergency maintenance last night. Yay!

The bad news is that email to and from EBSQ still isn’t functioning properly. Some functions, like lost passwords, registration confirmations when you sign up to use the site, and Art of the Day are all working as expected.  But our personal email accounts, including our primary site contact address and tech support address, aren’t able to get messages in or out right now.  Nor is the EBSQ forums sending subscription/pm notifications directly to your mailboxes.

That said, we’re working on it! And if you want/need to get in touch before we iron out all of the kinks in the mail server, please feel free to give us a jingle at twitter!

Thanks for your neverending patience during this amazingly weird and stressful week. You guys rock!

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Back online and happy to see you!

HI, HELLO, HOLA, SHALOM by Fabio J Napoleoni
HI, HELLO, HOLA, SHALOM by Fabio J Napoleoni

Our data center suffered a total network outage from approximately 7am – 1:50pm EST today. Needless to say, this is not how we wanted to start our week! We are now back online. Thanks for your patience today, as well as your entertaining tweets! And for those of you wondering, today’s additional drama involved my almost 5 year old daughter hacking off huge hunks of her hair right before school.

You can follow today’s downtime updates at Twitter.

Again, thanks for sticking with us. We greatly appreciate each and every one of you for being here!

-Amie Gillingham on behalf of Team EBSQ

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Downtime aka I dont like Mondays

We’ve been experiencing connectivity issues since yesterday and full-blown downtime for all of our servers since ~7am EST today. We have just learned this is the result of a network outage at our ISP. We have been given no ETA on when we’ll be back up. Sorry for the rotten start to your week, folks.  Hope to see you back online soon!

-Amie on behalf of Team EBSQ

2009 EBSQ Exhibition Schedule Announced

Here’s the post you’ve all be waiting for. And yes, Joe, thanks to your lobbying campaign, Zombie Chickens is on the schedule.

EBSQ’s 2009 Exhibit Schedule

(Synopses and hyperlinks to each show coming in January 2009)


  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Self-Portrait Show
  • One-Word Concept: Economy
  • Flower of the Month: State Flowers


  • The Figure in 3-D
  • Encircled: Necklaces, Bracelets, and Rings
  • One-Word Concept: Hidden
  • Flower of the Month: Snow Drops


  • Steampunk
  • Squid (& Other Deep Sea Monsters)
  • One-Word Concept: Motion
  • Flower of the Month: Cyclamen


  • Robots
  • The EBSQ Junk Mail Show
  • One-Word Concept: Balance
  • Flower of the Month: Muscari


  • Reinterpreting Children’s Art
  • Bridges
  • One-Word Concept: Scintilating
  • Flower of the Month: Fennel


  • Macro Bug Photography
  • Tattoos: Designs for and Depictions of
  • One-Word Concept: Malice
  • Flower of the Month: Foxglove


  • 9th Annual Ripped Off
  • Parades
  • One-Word Concept: Liberty
  • Flower of the Month: Nasturtium


  • 8th Annual Pet Portrait Swap
  • In the Bag: Artist-Made Purses & Bags
  • One-Word Concept: Wanderlust
  • Flower of the Month: Weeds


  • Rodents
  • Design the next EBSQ T-shirt!
  • One-Word Concept: Deconstructed
  • Flower of the Month: Butterfly Bush


  • Think Pink: A Fundraiser to Benefit Susan G Komen
  • Zombie Chickens
  • One-Word Concept: Decay
  • Flower of the Month: Squash & Gourds (both flowers & fruit eligible)


  • 9th Annual Portrait Swap
  • Two-Tones Only
  • One-Word Concept: Bored
  • Flower of the Month: Bark


  • Annual Better Late Than Never Show
  • The Art of the Art Journal
  • One-Word Concept: Ancient
  • Flower of the Month: Eucalyptus

You’ll find this schedule in the sidebar at the top of the main EBSQ Shows page. Go forth and art!

EBSQ Blog Migration in Progress

For the past 4 years, EBSQ has had a blog on Live Journal. We started out there because that was initially where our earliest community of bloggers hung out. And while we still heart LJ, blogging tools have made great leaps and bounds since our first foray into this venture, and we’re now leaping to a Word Press blog. This new version of the EBSQ blog technically started on 1 August 2008.  Since then, we’ve been migrating all of our archival posts (one at a time, no less!) from LJ to here. We haven’t been able to bring all of your wonderful comments with us, but since EBSQ has a permanent account at Live Journal, we’ll keep pointing and posting there as well.  But this will be our official new space.

So far, we’ve imported everything from December 1 2007 through today. It feels like a really solid start. We hope to have everything else more or less migrated by the end of the month in time to celebrate EBSQ’s 8th birthday.  Thanks for your patience during the transition. We hope you’ll enjoy our new space!

Server updates continue (as does our downtime)

We’re hoping you’re all off enjoying your long holiday weekend while we finish up with our server updates, including replacing the now-deceased server that caused the periodic downtime on the 22nd and 23rd.  No ETA yet on when we’ll be up, but things are going well on our end and we hope to see y’all on the other side!

Thanks for hanging in there with us. When this is over, we want to see all of the new art that was created as a direct result of your unexpected holiday from EBSQ!