EBSQ Friday Five

Lunga pausa di silenzio by Alessandro Andreuccetti

1. Art Seen: Lunga pausa di silenzio (Long Silence) is a beautiful, dream-like watercolor by Alessandro Andreuccetti. The contrasting colors pulled me in!

2. Artist Guide: PACT published an excellent article this week by Armand Carbrera on copyright – Protecting Copyright.

3. How To: “How to Video Your Art” Part 1: Camera Guide – I know some of you have been wondering!

4. In the News: The Case Against Art Show Entry Fees – Let me know what you think in the comments below!

5. Exhibits: We have two exhibits this month, Naked Trees and Airships. Don’t miss out!


EBSQ Friday Five

Halloween Skull by CES

1. Art Seen: Halloween is steadily approaching. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share a Halloween Skull by EBSQ’s own CES.

2. Artist Guide: 10 Website Mistakes that Kill Your Art Sales

3. Learning Resources: Tip #84 from Cathy Johnson – Sketching on the Spot in Cold Weather.

4. Exhibits: It won’t be long till the calendar turns over and we are November. Now is the time to start plannings for the November Exhibits at EBSQ. Coming up we have Airships (Zeppelins to Steampunk) and Naked Trees.

5. In the News:  Are Over Half the Works on the Art Market Really Fakes?


EBSQ’s September Exhibit Winners

Congratulations to all our exhibit winners!

Celebrating Fan Art

Sell all the entries…


Flower of the Month: Sedum

See all the entries…

EBSQ Friday Five

Pumpkin Everything by Torrie Smiley

1. Pumpkin Everything by Torrie Smiley is a reminder that October is on the horizon, which means we’ll be seeing more pumpkins and delightful spooky creations!

2. Making money from art: How to build a thriving freelance business – The title says it all.

3. No Rules: A collaborative adventure in painting – Have you ever collaborated with another artist?

4. There are a few days remaining to vote in the August EBSQ Exhibits. Do it now! Also, entries are being accepted for the September Exhibits: Celebrating Fan Art and Flower of the Month: Sedums.

5. Artist Tips: Overcoming shyness and learning to speak to clients

EBSQ Friday Five

Undulation by April Trice

1. This week’s Featured Friday Five artist is April Trice and her entrancing photograph, Undulation. Those blues… The water… Can I go there?

2. Dragon Con is next week in Atlanta, yours truly and fellow EBSQ artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith will be in the 2014 Art Show. If you’re attending don’t miss the Art Show!

3. How to Commission an Illustration – I think this should be recommending reading! Thank you to Mark Satchwill for sharing this with me.

4. We are nearing the deadline for the August Exhibits at EBSQ. Don’t miss out on the chance of winning prize money for Member’s Choice!

5. Making Purple: The Science of Art – Another short but excellent video from The National Gallery in London.

EBSQ Friday Five

Abstract Flowers by Ulrike Martin

1. Vibrant colors and wet petals after a rain is what comes to mind when I look at Ulrike Martin’s latest watercolor painting, Abstract Flowers. It’s a beautiful time of year here in the Northern Hemisphere.

2. There are only a few more days left to enter our June Exhibits. Have you entered? Check them out: Flower of the Month: Ferns and Plein Air: Found Reflections.

3. I Hate Marketing – Sound familiar? I’m sure I may have used that phrase once or twice. Jon Schindehette talks marketing, some simple tricks and lessons learned.

4. Tutorial: Watercolor Tricks with Copic Various Ink & Multiliners

5. What Do Artists Do All Day – Frank Quitely: Scottish comic book artist.

EBSQ Friday Five

Birth of a Butterfly I by Alma Lee


1. The soft colors and swishes in Alma Lee’s digital artwork, Birth of the Butterfly 1, is an exquisite dance.

2. While I’m on the topic of digital art, Wacom has a great board on Pinterest – 90 Tips in 90 Days!

3. I downloaded a great resource this week via Muddy Colors – Art Business Bootcamp: Getting your Found (Social Media, Self-Promotion, and More). The download is free!!

4. We are half-way through May now, have you entered one of our online exhibits? This month EBSQ is hosting Under the Sea and Flower of the Month: Columbines. The Member’s Choice winner receives prize money too!

5. In the news: Is it art or is it craft? Two Boise Art Museum exhibits blur the lines.


EBSQ Friday Five

Lilac Delight by Millie Gift Smith

1. This week’s featured Friday Five artist is Millie Gift Smith! Her painting Lilac Delight is breathtaking.

2. Maureen Franks free Mandala of the Month is titled Change. “What does it mean to change and why do we often fear it?”

3. The April EBSQ Exhibits are now open for submissions: Medieval-Inspired Mosaics and Bluebells. Are you planning a piece for one these shows?

4. Illustrator Kelley McMorris has her own link salad this week – Helpful Advice for Illustrators. Check it out!

5. What’s the difference between instructors and mentors? via The EmptyEasel.com.

EBSQ Friday Five

Rainy Day by Abril Andrade Griffith

1. I woke to thunder and heavy rain this morning, Abril Andrade Griffith’s Rainy Day was particularly appropriate as well as being a darling painting.

2. 10 Things… Finding Your Voice – Artists like writers have a voice too, their own unique style. Finding that voice is one key to success and fulfillment in your art.

3. PACT went live yesterday. What is PACT? Professional Artist Client Toolkit – From their website: PACT is a tool to help freelance Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Comic Book and other illustrators negotiate a better living for themselves. I’ve joined, but even if you can’t, there are some great freebies to be had, including sample contracts you can download and articles from leading artists and art directors.

4. Italian cleaning woman throws away modern art she believed to be biscuit crumbs!

5. Mona Lisa Unleashed — Where are the entries? Come on folks!

EBSQ Friday Five

Dragonfly to Earth by Vermont Mosaics

1. Dragonfly to Earth by Vermont Mosaics had me daydreaming of summer this  morning. Come on Spring!!

2. 10 Things…Evaluate your Painting – Is what your painting fitting with the vision in your mind? Does it work? Greg Manchess shares some questions to ask yourself about your painting.

3. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite in the January EBSQ Exhibits. While you’re there, take a look at the new February exhibits too.

4. The real people behind Clooney’s ‘Monuments Men.’ Have you seen the movie yet? Let us know your thoughts!

5. Top 100 Painting Tips – Everything from what to do if the cap on your paint of tube breaks to converting your step-ladder into an easel.

Vote now in the EBSQ May Exhibits

EBSQ May Exhibits

Voting ends tomorrow for our May Exhibits. Have you voted? This months exhibits, Flower of the Month: Irises and Still Life, are filled with amazing art by EBSQ artists. Even if you’re not a member of EBSQ you vote can count by click on the Facebook Like buttons for each entry. Which ever piece has the most, for each exhibit, is receives a Cloud award.

EBSQ September Online Exhibits

Voting is underway in our August online exhibits: Cats & Dogs, FOTM: Prairie Plants, and Plein Air: Water. Members of EBSQ have until tomorrow, 9/8, to vote for their favorite artwork in each show. Go show your support for our artists!

Entries are now open for September’s exhibits:




The deadline for entering a September exhibit is 9/30/2012. I’ll be entering the Autumn exhibit. Which exhibit is on your radar?

Exhibits: Last Chance and What’s coming next

Today is the last day to enter the July Online Exhibits. We have three diverse shows: African Wildlife, Victory Garden, and Pointillism. Entry to these shows is open until this evening at 11:59 p.m. EST. Are you working on a last minute entry?

What’s coming next?

Entries are already being accepted for the August Shows. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s to come next month:

Log into your EBSQ portfolio and enter a show today!

Past the halfway marker: where are you with 12 in ’12?

At the St Vincent Monastery Run Wetlands by Amie R. Gillingham
Since it’s my small son’s birthday today, I will indulge in sharing my entry from last month’s Wildflower exhibit. Thank you for awarding it an honorable mention in the Cloud Votes!

The 12 in ’12 Challenge, started back in January, has been a hot topic of conversation lately on the EBSQ Member Forums.  So I thought now might be a good time for an official (ish) pulse check. Where are you in your progress. Did you enter the shows you hoped you would back in January? Are you still going strong, or losing steam?

I also took the challenge. So far, I’ve entered entered 6 shows with 9-total entries. Some of it has been new work executed for the show, but I admit I pulled a couple from my archives, too.  I was hoping to enter more than just photography and actually get some painting and drawing done, but my Muse has been off holiday, apparently.  Maybe I can lure her home with this month’s Pointillism exhibit

Ready to jump into the fray or get back on track? Here’s what’s left in 2012:

Cats & Dogs
FOTM: Prairie Plants
Plein Air: Water

Wild Birds
FOTM: Berries & Fruit

FOTM: Carnivorous Plants
Think Pink (to Benefit Breast Cancer Research)

Tortoises & Hares
FOTM: Leaves & Fronds
Norse Mythology (juried)

Holiday Pets
FOTM: Botanical Wreaths
Zombie Apocalypse (ends 21 December 2012, with no voting since the world will have ended, obviously)
11th Annual Better Late Than Never Show

So–16 more exhibition opportunities. Are you in? Are you IN?

Let’s do this thing!

EBSQ’s July Online Exhibits

Have you entered one of our July online exhibits? This month we are hosting three exhibits: African Wildlife, Flower of the Month: Victory Garden, and Pointillism. Create something new or enter an artwork that’s been waiting for the perfect show.

Quite simply: we’d ideally like to see depictions of animals typically associated with the African safari. But ALL indigenous African species are welcome.

During World Wars I & II, the rallying cry was Dig for Victory. People were asked to dig up their flowers and focus on food production. Now in the less-than-desirable economy of the early 21st Century, Grow Your Own has become the new rallying cry, but the focus is the same: flowers giving way to vegetable, herbs, and fruit. Here at EBSQ, we’re of the opinion that vegetable gardens can be just as beautiful as flower gardens. Whether planted square-foot style, a la French potager, or even vertical and in containers, fruit and veg are finding their way into the urban and suburban landscape again. This month, we’re celebrating the beauty and bounty of the productive garden. Here’s to a happy harvest!

The subject is completely open, but the required technique this month is tightly defined. All entries must be manually rendered in individual small dots of pure colour to create a pattern.

Deadline for all entries is July 31, 2012

Have you voted for your January favourites?

Castle Community by EBSQ Artist Maeve Wright
Castle Community by EBSQ Artist Maeve Wright

Voting is now open for all three EBSQ January exhibits. Have you voted yet? It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy:

If you’re logged in, simply browse to one of January’s art shows, click the thumbnail to view the details for that piece, then click the large “vote” button.

Don’t have an account? You can still participate in the social vote, known on our site as the Cloud Awards. Simply use the Facebook “like” button for your favourite pieces. And unlike the member voting button, where a new vote overrides a previous vote in a given exhibit, you can actually vote for as many pieces as you like in our cloud awards.

[Learn more about EBSQ Exhibits awards here.]


Tick-Tock! Enter these shows by the stroke of midnight on 31 January 2012

The following EBSQ Art Exhibits will only be accepting entries through the end of Tuesday, Eastern Standard Time:

EBSQ Art Exhibit: Black & White Animals

Show us animals that occur naturally with black & white markings: pandas, skunks, cows, tuxedo cats, zebras…you get the idea. As long as it exists in nature, it’s fair game. [read more]

Flower of the Month: Confiers

To quote They Might Be Giants:

“Most with cones for seeds, most with needles for leaves. C is for Conifers, my kind of tree” [read more]

EBSQ Art Exhibit: Winter

In 2012, we’ll be tackling all four seasons. First up is Winter. All entries must pertain to this season in an obvious way. [read more]

To enter any of the above shows, you must be a member of EBSQ. Not yet a member? Consider joining today!

Our full 2012 Exhibition calendar is here.

Take the 12 in 12 Challenge!

And here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming next!


Call for Artists: Accepting Entries Through 31 January 2012

The following EBSQ Art Exhibits are open and accepting entries through the end of this month:

EBSQ Art Exhibit: Black & White Animals

Show us animals that occur naturally with black & white markings: pandas, skunks, cows, tuxedo cats, zebras…you get the idea. As long as it exists in nature, it’s fair game. [read more]

Flower of the Month: Confiers

To quote They Might Be Giants:

“Most with cones for seeds, most with needles for leaves. C is for Conifers, my kind of tree” [read more]

EBSQ Art Exhibit: Winter

In 2012, we’ll be tackling all four seasons. First up is Winter. All entries must pertain to this season in an obvious way. [read more]

To enter any of the above shows, you must be a member of EBSQ. Not yet a member? Consider joining today!

Our full 2012 Exhibition calendar is here.

Take the 12 in 12 Challenge!



Take the 12 in ’12 Challenge

Create Your Mark by EBSQ Artist Eileen Morey
Create Your Mark by EBSQ Artist Eileen Morey

One of the biggest benefits of EBSQ Membership (at least according to our members) is our monthly exhibits. They’re great for extra exposure, stretching your creative muscles, and on many occasions, winning stuff (which is always nice!)  This year, we have 37 opportunities to compete with your art. Because January is a month of resolutions, we’re challenging you to commit to participating in 12 exhibits in 2012.

To be part of our 12 in ’12,  we ask that you sign your name in the comments below and let us know which 12 shows you want to commit to in 2012. (I’ll be doing the same, because frankly, I need to get off my butt and make more art. )