EBSQ 1:1 – What contemporary artist would you like to meet?

Leola Walker

I would love to meet Jakub Julian Ziolkowksi. He’s very young. Young enough not to be afraid to make a statement. His art is bold and daring and very excessive. I find him very refreshing.

Ship in a Bottle by Leola Walker

Diana Mae Potts

Cecily Brown, the featured artist in the February, 2013 edition of “Vogue” magazine comes to mind as a contemporary artist I would like to meet. Although my subject matter is rarely the human form, her powerful and insightful freedom of expression making people accessible and familiar inspires me and resonates with the goals in my own art. She seems very focused and busy so I would leave any meeting on her terms.

Fairy Goddess by Diana Mae Potts

Studio 524

We’d love to meet Annie Preece. Her work is big, loud, colorful, full of energy and packed with punch. It speaks loudly in quiet rooms. That she’s one of the few women who are recognized and respected in the urban art arena – yeah. That doesn’t hurt either.

Art Collage Necklace by Studio 524

Mark Satchwill

I’d like to meet the French artists Pierre and Gilles, whose beautiful images (a mixture of photography and painting) have been a big influence on my work, to talk about their methods and influences. And because they are rather handsome!

Amelia by Mark Satchwill

EBSQ Facebook Artist of the Week: Nico Niemi

Who and where are you?

My name is Nicole Marie Winkelman, but I still use the nickname Nico and my maiden name Niemi for my artwork. I have loved creating artwork for as long as I can remember. My mother is an artist as well and was a source of inspiration for me from a young age. I’ve traveled the country but always reside in Wisconsin, and currently live in Waukesha.

How were you introduced to Facebook?

I joined Facebook to keep in touch with distant friends and relatives who already used it. After exploring other art pages I realized how easy it is to create one, I made one for myself.

Any tips for other artists starting a Facebook Page?

Invite your friends to your page when you first start out, let anyone else who is interested in your artwork know you have the page, and post artwork as often as you can. People love pictures! Have information about where to find your artwork if they’d like to own some, and how to contact you. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t always get the ‘likes’ you’re looking for-getting going can take a little time.

What’s your favorite Facebook Page feature?

My favorite feature would have to be sharing. When people share your artwork it broadens your reach and brings so many more people in-some who might never have looked for your artwork in the first place. Facebook makes your art so easy to find for anyone who has it, and makes interaction with anyone who is interested easy as well. I really like just about all the features it has.

What’s coming next from your studio?

All sorts of things! There will be fantasy creatures, and brilliant colors, some holiday items, but definitely more cat-themed artwork. I have a new kitten in my home and he is a source of inspiration I literally can’t ignore.

See more of Nico’s art and follow her here:




EBSQ 1:1 with Dawn Hough Sebaugh

Who and where are you?

I was born in North Carolina and currently live in the San Diego, California area. I received a BA in Marketing from Pfeiffer College in North Carolina and a Degree in Color and Design from Parson’s School of Design in New York and also attended fine arts programs at Denver University in Colorado. I have been painting organic abstracts for over 30 years. My muse is PASSION…using Color and Texture. I paint in both acrylic and oil. I also believe in giving back so I donate paintings to numerous charities.

How did you become involved in the RAWards?

I actually got an email from the director of Raw Artists (who had seen my painting on line) asking if I would participate in their next show. I looked at the venue and thought “wow…I’ll be displaying my work on a 12 foot long chain link fence. I’ve never done that…how cool! ”. I also love the fact that Raw Artists supports the art, music, fashion, and entertainment community!

What happens if you win and how can fans vote for you?

The semi-final event is Friday November 16th at 7:00 until 12:00 am at 4th and B St San Diego. This is a LIVE VOTE event so you must attend to vote. I really hope if you are in the area you will stop by and VOTE!


There are some great prizes!

Write up in Arts N Fashion Magazine, write up in the Upchuck Magazine, Print package from Impact Visual Arts, Gift Card from Visual Shop, Placement at an Artist Show at Graffiti Beach, Photo Studio time at Industry Showroom, Placement on Gallery Wall at Industry Showroom, Placement at the San Diego Indie Fest 2013, Placement at an Atre Fresca, Winners interview from Charles Thi, and a Placement at a RAW: San Diego Show 2012 plus even more perks!

When the awards are over, what’s next for you?

That’s a hard one! If I would be lucky enough to win…”Look Out! The skies the limit!” I will of course continue to create and sell my paintings at shows, galleries and on-line. I believe I will start helping to mentor more young artists and get them involved in the San Diego art culture.

Thanks to all who have supported my art and to all of you who can attend this event and hopefully vote for me!


Follow Dawn @




Vicky Knowles: Holding onto a Vision

Your paintings have revolved around Wibbley World for more than a decade, tell us, what is a Wibble and where did you get the idea?

The Wibbles are just the creatures who live in Wibbley World! I never set out to come up with a brand or a name for my universe of characters, it just evolved on its own. At first the name was “Wiggly World” which came to me repeatedly when I was painting (back in 1999 when I first started selling on ebay) – it was literally as if my characters were telling me who they were, but I heard it wrong – “Wiggly World” wasn’t quite right. A few years later I was redesigning my website and for some reason I wrote “Wibbley World” as the title, and that was it!


Are there any artists you feel are/were instrumental to your style of painting and the subject matter?

I would say there are many artists I admire and I’m sure that they do influence my work, although probably mostly in technique rather than subject matter, since my characters are so completely personal to me. I study the work of other artists with the goal of better representing my own vision. For example, if I see an artist whose technique I admire I want to know how it was done – what materials were used, etc. Even if I’m not successful, I still believe the information is still being processed on a subconscious level and eventually I hope to incorporate it into my work.

Have you ever found it difficult to stay inspired and true to your vision?

Yes, periodically I get bored and feel uninspired – at times I feel like my work is too predictable, particularly when I’m creating “for” something (like a show, or for the Nibblefest contest, etc.), or when I’m trying to interpret someone else’s idea instead of my own. At times like that I feel frustrated and am tempted to quit (although invariably that’s when some sort of external validation will come along.) What helps me through this is looking back through my older paintings and sketchbooks, and creating for myself rather than with the intention of selling. I have no problem staying “true to my vision,” in fact I wish I could branch out more (be more serious, more commercial, etc.) but somehow I always end up “Wibblifying” whatever I’m working on, even if that was never my intention.

Do you have a favorite character from your World of Wibble?

I don’t like to have favorites, but if I did it would have to be Lunchbox, the lunch-pail toting, diaper-wearing chipmunk. Lunchbox is a true innocent who frequently finds himself in predicaments. But everything always turns out ok in the end, because when you have your lunch-pail and your diaper, what more do you really need?




EBSQ Facebook Artist of the Week: Jo Hards

Who and where are you?
I’m Jo Hards. I would describe myself as a Gothic fantasy artist. I also make ‘Strange Little Girls’ Gothic art dolls. I live in a small town in Cheshire, Northern England, a very green and beautiful  part of the world.
How were you introduced to Facebook?
A few years ago, while I was studying for a degree, most of my fellow students used Facebook to keep in touch, so I opened a personal profile, just to keep up to date with everything at university. More recently, in 2011 my sister-in-law over in  Australia, started a Facebook page for her handmade dolls. I saw what a fantastic opportunity it was for artists to share their work with a global audience, so I took the plunge and launched a page for my own art dolls. I’ve enjoyed running that page so much in the last year, that I recently decided to open a second page for my paintings and drawings.
Any tips for other artists starting a Facebook Page?
Make use of the many networking pages on Facebook for artists, crafters, and small businesses. Not only are they a great way to reach a wider audience, they are a wonderful source of support and advice. You will find lots of like-minded people in the same situation. It’s good to help each other out.
What’s your favorite Facebook Page feature?
There are so many great apps that you can add on to your page. My personal favourite is Ecwid, a free shopping cart, which allows you to open your own store right there on your Facebook page.
What’s coming next from your studio?
I’m loving working in acrylics at the moment, so there are plenty more paintings to come. I’m also enjoying creating smaller pieces, so there will be some more ACEO’s very soon.

An Interview with EBSQ Artist Steven King

How long have you been creating?

I believe all people begin creating the moment they gain the motor skills needed to make a deliberate mark. I`ve never met a child who didn`t enjoy drawing, painting, sculpting, or crafting in general. Most of us stop creating as we age because life seems to get in the way of creative pursuit while a few of us can`t ever seem to stop so we find a way to make the time.

What’s your media of choice?

I work primarily with acrylic paint on canvas but I swear I`m going to seriously crack open those oils I`ve been staring at in my studio.

What, besides your art, brings you creative fulfillment?

My “real” job is being a chef. I get to create every day in a medium you can eat AND get paid for it. Is that crazy or what?

My daughter also seems to statisfy my creative urges by living vicariously through her creations.She spends a great deal of time beside me in my studio and has since she could walk. Every artistic accolade or award she achieves fills me with as much satisfaction as if it were mine.

What are your motivations for creating?

This is a difficult question. Why do I do this? It certainly isn`t the money. It can`t be a quest for inner peace.(The portrait on my easel right now has been driving me mad for the past 4 days.)

It is those rare moments when I get it right. When I get the idea or image in my head onto the canvas in the exact form I envisioned.

Nirvana, absolute exctasy, it`s better than sex.

I may go months without it happening but every once in a while when a piece is nearing completion the little voice in my head screams out “You did it!” and I beat the little voice back down until I`ve good and truly finished because until I`ve signed it I`m talinwood no chances with my own emotions like that.

I paint to achieve that feeling of absolute satisfaction. I`m in constant pursuit of that feeling.

[read more at Steven’s portfolio]

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EBSQ 1:1 with Theodora Demetriades

How long have you been creating?

I was aware that I wanted to paint when I was four years old. My Mom was doing a portrait of me in watercolors and when I checked it out to see if it looked like me I remember thinking that I wanted to do that and I had the audacity to think that at 4 I could do it better than my artist Mother. Because my Mom always encouraged me by first grade I was constantly drawing and painting. So I suppose that the creative germ has been in my brain for about 60 years!! Yes I am as old as dirt!!!

What, besides your art, brings you creative fulfillment?

I would have to say that my garden is a great source for inspiration and fulfillment. Just like my paintings my garden is crammed with detail. I keep meaning to have a sign made TOO MUCH IS NEVER ENOUGH.

What are your motivations for creating?

I honestly don’t know how or what is the root of my motivation for creating…it is some inner drive. Maybe with all of the artists in my family it is something in our gene pool.My Mom besides being a painter and sculpture also sang Opera,my Dad sang Opera, I have cousins who are artists, an aunt and uncle who are artists,my Husband who is an artist,my Daughter who is a ballerina and now an artist. Plus a cousin who runs a successful gallery in Philadelphia and of course also is and is married to an artist.

[Read more in Theodora’s portfolio]

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EBSQ 1:1 Heide Hibbard talks to Zoe Slocum

This week, EBSQ introduces a new feature. EBSQ 1:1 is simple in concept. One EBSQ member asks another EBSQ member three simple questions about themselves. The responses come in the form of photographs with short explanations. These are not deep, probing questions into the person as an artist. These are questions that will allow us to glimpse the artist as a person through the simple, ordinary things that make up the routines and are part of the fabric of life. Though they may seem irrelevant, these small things subtly speak of who we are as people and impact what, how and why we create.

Our first interview features Zoe Slocum. She is interviewed by Heide Hibbard who happens to be her best friend’s mom.


H.H. – You have lots of pets; what is your favorite?

Z.S. – This is my lovely Rosco. He’s my favorite pet and he knows it because of how extremely spoiled he is. When I took this shot I was outside shooting randomly when I heard a meow and turned around and there was Rosco!

H.H. – I was told you collect a lot of things; what do you like to collect most?

Z.S. – My favorite thing to collect is pictures, mostly from magazines but sometime I print them off line or find them on an old bulletin board of just old postcards, I love pictures and I love to get lost in them.

H.H. – What is your most favorite place in your home to curl up and read a book?

Z.S. – My favorite place to read a book is my bed, yep it’s that simple. It’s comfy and always the quietest place in the house.

Visit EBSQ to view Zoe Slocum’s photography