EBSQ Facebook Artist of the Week: Windi Rosson

Who and where are you?

I am Windi Rosson of Winjimir Studio which is located in the middle of the woods, GA

How were you introduced to Facebook?

By other artist with whom I had lost touch with over the years. I was glad to find them again and then ended up adding a page for my work that is just art related.

Any tips for other artists starting a Facebook Page?

I think having a page dedicated to your artwork and business that is separate from your personal page is a plus. Keep it updated, and make sure to respond to comments.

What’s your favorite Facebook Page feature?

I like the ability to update from my cell phone. I can update about an event I am at or post work in progress shots directly from my studio, and get immediate feedback. Oh, and incorporating my Etsy store right on the page has been great too.

What’s coming next from your studio?

The festival season is gearing up and I will be focusing on that. I have just started on some new pieces for Art-O-Mat and am finishing up some new and exciting Art Skrap items!