EBSQ May Exhibit Winners

Congratulations to our Naturally Blue Flowers exhibit winners!

Member’s Choice:

Hydrangea Bouquet by C.E.S.

Member’s Mention:

Forget-me-Nots by Patricia Lee Christensen

Cloud Awards:

To be announced soon.

Carolyn Schiffhouer: Digital Photographic Artistry

EBSQ Artist Carolyn Schiffhouer has a solo show running now till May 31 at the Red Brick Gallery in Foxburg, Pa. If you’re in the area don’t miss out on her beautiful visions!

Where and When:

April 24 – May 31

Red Brick Gallery
17 Main St.
Foxburg, Pa

Friday 2:00 – 6:00
Saturday 11:00 – 7:00
Sunday 12:00 – 4:00

Dragon*Con 2012 with Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Dragon*Con is one of the largest popular culture conventions in the southeast. This year 52,000 people turned out, including myself, to revel in everything science fiction/fantasy, gaming, comics, writer and artist workshops, and so much more. As it turns out, EBSQ artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith was a part of the 2012 Art Show!

The Dragon*Con Art Show is a juried exhibition and artist market. This year was Jasmine’s seventh Dragon*Con. She is a fan favorite. I experienced first hand the allure of her fairies, mermaids and even pirates.

Friday afternoon, soon after the doors opened, I made my way to the Hyatt’s Grand Hall West. I zig zagged through a maze of people and art til I found Jasmine’s art booth tucked away in the back corner. It became clear at once I would not be holding an actual interview. Her booth was surrounded by young adults, 20 somethings and middle-age fans. In no hurry, I took it all in–the smiles, the gratitude, and the fans Jasmine knew from previous years.

The experience was magical.

Jasmine was all smiles. She made sure to speak to everyone and always knew her repeat buyers. We chatted for about thirty minutes and during that time I witnessed at least four long-time fans who came seeking out her art. As you can see from the photo above, taken on the last day of Dragon*Con, they nearly cleaned her out! Below is a glimpse of her booth before they opened the doors.


Meeting Jasmine, seeing her artwork beyond the monitor, is something I will never forget. I even bought a couple of signed prints for myself!

Want to meet Jasmine too?

She’ll be at FaerieCon East November 9-11 2012.

Follow these links to learn more about Jasmine and explore her magical art:


Jasmine on EBSQ

Jasmine on LiveJournal

Jasmine on Facebook

Past the halfway marker: where are you with 12 in ’12?

At the St Vincent Monastery Run Wetlands by Amie R. Gillingham
Since it’s my small son’s birthday today, I will indulge in sharing my entry from last month’s Wildflower exhibit. Thank you for awarding it an honorable mention in the Cloud Votes!

The 12 in ’12 Challenge, started back in January, has been a hot topic of conversation lately on the EBSQ Member Forums.  So I thought now might be a good time for an official (ish) pulse check. Where are you in your progress. Did you enter the shows you hoped you would back in January? Are you still going strong, or losing steam?

I also took the challenge. So far, I’ve entered entered 6 shows with 9-total entries. Some of it has been new work executed for the show, but I admit I pulled a couple from my archives, too.  I was hoping to enter more than just photography and actually get some painting and drawing done, but my Muse has been off holiday, apparently.  Maybe I can lure her home with this month’s Pointillism exhibit

Ready to jump into the fray or get back on track? Here’s what’s left in 2012:

Cats & Dogs
FOTM: Prairie Plants
Plein Air: Water

Wild Birds
FOTM: Berries & Fruit

FOTM: Carnivorous Plants
Think Pink (to Benefit Breast Cancer Research)

Tortoises & Hares
FOTM: Leaves & Fronds
Norse Mythology (juried)

Holiday Pets
FOTM: Botanical Wreaths
Zombie Apocalypse (ends 21 December 2012, with no voting since the world will have ended, obviously)
11th Annual Better Late Than Never Show

So–16 more exhibition opportunities. Are you in? Are you IN?

Let’s do this thing!

January EBSQ Art Show Winners Announced

You voted, and the results are in!  Between the 3 exhibits, we had 220 entries. Here are the Member’s Choice award winners for each:

From Winter:

Winter Spirits by EBSQ Artist Kerry Lynn Nelson
Winter Spirits by EBSQ Artist Kerry Lynn Nelson

From Flower of the Month: Conifers:

Gnarly Juniper, Grand Canyon, Arizona by EBSQ Artist Kevin Wells
Gnarly Juniper, Grand Canyon, Arizona by EBSQ Artist Kevin Wells

From Black & White Animals (TIE):

Chime Cat Visits Cloud City by EBSQ Artist Took Gallagher
Chime Cat Visits Cloud City by EBSQ Artist Took Gallagher
Siamese Cat by EBSQ Artist Pauline Gallagher
Siamese Cat by EBSQ Artist Pauline Gallagher

As a side note, I believe our two Black & White Animals Members’ Choice winners are unrelated 😉

Congratulations to all of our exhibit winners and participants!

Last call for February show entries

Art: crow steals heart by Artist Sara Field  
We’re accepting entries through the end of the day (11:59pm EST on 28 February 2010) for our Red Cross fundraiser to benefit Haiti Earthquake relief.  Yes, there’s a $10 fee per entry, but half of your fee goes directly to the Red Cross, and the other half goes in the kitty for prize money for the show winner to be voted upon starting tomorrow. It’s a win-win scenario, and we like win-wins here at EBSQ! If you have a ready piece of heart-themed art, please consider entering Art from the Heart to benefit Haiti today!

(psssst! Don’t forget 1wC: Music and FOTM: Roses also end today!)

2010 Exhibition Schedule Announced

2010 is our 10th anniversary year (yay!) so we’re bringing back some old favourites, our most popular past flowers for FOTM for those of you who missed them the first time around, two benefits, and two brick-and-mortar exhibits to run concurrently with the shows of the same name online (another big yay!)

Without further ado, the schedule you’ve all been waiting for:


  • Foodporn: Photographing Food as Art
  • Barnyard Animals
  • One-Word Concept: Grey
  • Flower of the Month: Orchids


  • Candy: An EBSQ Juried Exhibit *
  • Art for the Heart: A Benefit for the American Heart Association
  • One-Word Concept: Music
  • Flower of the Month: Roses


  • Pen & Ink
  • Sinners
  • One-Word Concept: Beverage
  • Flower of the Month: Daffodils


  • Saints
  • Repurposed: An EBSQ Juried Exhibit
  • One-Word Concept: Precious
  • Flower of the Month: Tulips


  • Nursery Rhymes Illustrated
  • Fractals
  • One-Word Concept: Green
  • Flower of the Month: Irises


  • Plein Air: Architecture
  • Redux
  • One-Word Concept: Heavy
  • Flower of the Month: Pansies & Violas


  • 10th Annual Ripped Off
  • Rodeo
  • One-Word Concept: Horizon
  • Flower of the Month: Poppies


  • 9th Annual Pet Portrait Swap
  • Still Life w/Lemon
  • One-Word Concept: Jagged
  • Flower of the Month: Echinacea


  • Spam & Trout Biennial
  • Shut Out: What you’ve missed since the gallery world shut its doors *
  • Dead Poets
  • One-Word Concept: Bokeh
  • Flower of the Month: Sunflower


  • Think Pink: A Fundraiser to Benefit Susan G Komen
  • Dia de los Meurtos
  • One-Word Concept: Hope
  • Flower of the Month: Cacti


  • 10th Annual Portrait Swap
  • You Just Haven’t Urned It Yet, Baby
  • One-Word Concept: Despair
  • Flower of the Month: Waterlilies


  • Annual Better Late Than Never Show
  • Let It Snow
  • One-Word Concept: Classic
  • Flower of the Month: Mixed Bouquet with Vase

* Denotes a brick-and-mortar offline art event in association with this online exhibit

So–which shows are YOU most looking forward to in 2010?

Still time to get Ripped Off! (it’s an Art thing)

Looking for an awesome collaborative art event? You’ve found it! This coming July, we’ll be hosting our 9th annual Ripped Off show!

If you haven’t done a Ripped show in the past, here’s how it works: you pair up with someone, and go through their portfolio and “rip off” a piece of their artwork. It can be one piece or a combination, your interpretation of their work, ideas, medium, technique. We invite you to check out past years’ exhibits to get an idea of the sort of things you can do. You must pair up with someone from EBSQ. Rip Offs of non-EBSQ art, like redoing the Mona Lisa or ripping off Picasso is not allowable for this show.

So, start pairing up! If you’re looking for a partner, sign up here, or feel free to contact someone privately and see if they’d like to partner with you, then post it here to let us know you’re paired. Have at it!

This is like any other show, you can have up to 5 entries…

Entries will be accepted through 30 July 2009.

Have fun and good luck!

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February Show Winners Announced

From The Figure in 3-D

Member’s Choice:

Art: Frame of Reference by Artist H M Deckert  

Frame of Reference by H. M. Deckert


From Encircled: Necklaces, Bracelets, & Rings

Member’s Choice:

Art: Spring Flowers by Artist Lauren Cole Abrams  

Spring Flowers by Lauren Cole Abrams


From One Word Concept: Hidden

Member’s Choice:

Art: Hide-Away  by Artist MARY ANNE Z. O'SULLIVAN  

Hide-Away by Mary Anne O’Sullivan


From Flower of the Month: Snowdrops

Member’s Choice:

Art: Snowdrops by Artist Andréa Dodwell  
Snow Drops by Andrea Dodwell


You can see all of February’s Member and Patron award winners at a glance at EBSQ.

Want to see what’s coming next? Check out our 2009 Art Exhibition Calendar.

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Dont be late for the Late Show

If that last piece of overdue art is on your easel or worktable, now’s the time to wrap it up and get it entered. T-minus 30 minutes. Grab hold of your redemption show while you still can!

The Better Late Than Never Show 2008

From 12/1/2008 thru 12/31/2008

  The Better Late Than Never Show 2008

Who said there isn’t a second chance in life? Here’s one last chance to show off work that was done specifically for an EBSQ themed show … more

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November EBSQ Art Show Winners


On the Trail: Campaign Art

Campaign Art


Obama by Artist Kari Tirrell 

Member’s Choice: “Obama” by Kari Tirrell


Flower of the Month: Allium



purple puffer by Artist Lisa Thornton Whittaker 
Member’s Choice: Purple Puffer by Lisa Thornton Whittaker




8th Annual Portrait Swap

  8th Annual Portrait Swap


Frankie by Artist Kari Tirrell 
Member’s Choice: Frankie by Kari Tirrell


See all of this month’s winners at EBSQ


Also, don’t forget the following shows are now available for entry:


The 6th Annual Better Late than Never Show

Deck the Halls: The Ornament Show

Flower of the Month: Fruit Botanical Style


Plus the 2009 EBSQ Exhibition Schedule has been announced. Check it out!

Why wait til tomorrow? Vote now!

The Bat Show

Vote from now until 12:01am on 11/8/2008

  The Bat Show

Bats. The only mammal capable of true flight. Most bats eat insects, some eat fruit and a few are carnivorous. They are nocturnal. They … more


Fragile! Handle With Care: Glass

Vote from now until 12:01am on 11/8/2008


Glass as a medium creates magic. There is something about the quality of glass that we are drawn to. There are three different categories of … more


Flower of the Month: Black-Eyed Susan

Vote from now until 12:01am on 11/8/2008

Black-Eyed Susan

Black-Eyed Susans were a great favourite when I was a child. My mother used to have what felt like an acre of these magical late-summer … more

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