From the EBSQ Archives

Back before blogging was a “thing” EBSQ had an online zine that was published monthly. Alas, the zines are no longer with us, but we’ve kept the best of the best archived here for posterity.

Art History & Criticism

Frida Kahlo: Identity/Duality by Amie R Gillingham

Thomas Hart Benton’s connection to the Modern Art Synchromist’s Movement by Diane Dobson Barton

Scrotum and Taboo: The Reactionary, Visionary Paintings of Odd Nerdrum by John Seed

Forgetting the Self: Nathan Oliveira by John Seed

Gordon Parks: An Appreciation of an Artist’s Life’s Work by Diana Dobson Barton


Business & Marketing for Artists

How to Build Your Own Custom Boxes for Shipping Art by Kini Art

Live Studio-Logo Design Basics by Lauren Cole Abrams

Creating a Web Presence by Therp Sajik

Creating a Successful Online Auction Listing by Sonya Paz

How to Write an Artist’s Statement by Melissa Wotherspoon

Art & Tax: When does your hobby turn into a business? by Michael J Dell

Sonya on Shipping Your Art by Sonya Paz


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