EBSQ Friday Five

Lunga pausa di silenzio by Alessandro Andreuccetti

1. Art Seen: Lunga pausa di silenzio (Long Silence) is a beautiful, dream-like watercolor by Alessandro Andreuccetti. The contrasting colors pulled me in!

2. Artist Guide: PACT published an excellent article this week by Armand Carbrera on copyright – Protecting Copyright.

3. How To: “How to Video Your Art” Part 1: Camera Guide – I know some of you have been wondering!

4. In the News: The Case Against Art Show Entry Fees – Let me know what you think in the comments below!

5. Exhibits: We have two exhibits this month, Naked Trees and Airships. Don’t miss out!


Author: Amanda Makepeace

Artist inspired by nature, fantasy and distant worlds.

3 thoughts on “EBSQ Friday Five”

  1. I understand some galleries asking for entry fees because like it or not they still have to make money, regardless if any art is sold.
    What really gets me are these extra fees that are being charged on top of the entry fees and commissions.
    I have seen a disturbing trend where artists are charged a “unpacking and or repacking” or “handling fees” fee of $25.00 and up.
    I don’t entry that many shows anymore, it’s just got to expensive.

  2. As an artist and also someone who has run a gallery or two, I would defend the private galleries that charge hanging fees and commissions.They also take a gamble on that artist’s ability to sell. Whether that artist sells or not, rents, utilities, promotions, payroll goes on. For juried shows, I do agree that the bulk of funding should not be on the back of artists, but with the continual defunding of the arts by government, what do you do? There’s a little known arts district in Topeka, KS called NOTO. It’s a thriving community that has had no funding from government, but through private donation and the hard work and big dreams of business owners and artists. Fair or not, entry fees, etc are still much cheaper than opening a gallery or holding an event to showcase one’s work. In the NOTO Arts District, we spend a LOT of time in promotions, thinking outside of the box and working together. We are artists, that are also manufacturers that must be savvy in business and part of the GNP. Actors, musicians and dancers are constantly asked to donate their time, free of charge, to make an event interesting. There is nothing stopping us from forming cooperatives and holding our own events. Come to NOTO Arts District and see how we’ve managed to turn a run down area into a destination location and an asset for the arts and the community. This article is appreciated, but the situation is what it is. For those of us that love what we do, we just put on our big girl panties and deal.

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