EBSQ Friday Five

1. Bear Garden – This beautiful painting by EBSQ artist, Diane Whitehead, is a reminder that May and its flowers are right around the corner. How is your garden growing?

2. Ethics for Artists – I’ve had this post by Cheri Homaee open in my browser all week so I would forget to share it this Friday. Excellent post, and reminder, for all artists on acceptable behavior and remembering the little things.

3. Focus or Fail, the life of an Artist – Delilah Smith shares about her difficulties staying focused on one medium/style of painting. Do you an artist must have one style to be successful?

4. Torrie Smiley Etsy Sale – Torrie Smiley is having her first ever coupon sale. No, she’s not selling coupons. It’s a coupon for free US shipping in her Etsy shop. For a limited time!!

5. Toulouse Lautrec– Michele Naquaiya shares her latest artwork and a new route for her creative talents!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Author: Amanda Makepeace

Artist inspired by nature, fantasy and distant worlds.

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