The Do’s and Don’ts of Art Blogging

This summer we’ve looked back at some of the excellent advice given by EBSQ Artists on art blogging. Now it’s my turn. Today I’m sharing some of my practical advice. You may be familiar with some of these do’s and don’ts already, they are part common sense and part time-tested laws of blogging.

NO by Cathy Santarsiero
NO by Cathy Santarsiero

The Do’s

1. Show your personality: Buyers and potential buyers check out an artist’s blog because they want to know more about The Artist–not just the art. Diversify your blog with posts on your favorite art shops or galleries, what you did over the weekend (did you see a movie you loved?), challenges you are having with a projects, etc. Write casually and let your personality shine through!

2. Save your Draft: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been ready to click “Publish” and I lose my entire post. Most blogging platforms have a “Save Draft,” use it! Use it just as if you were writing an essay for college. You wouldn’t write your entire paper without saving it at least a few times.

3. Don’t rely on Spell Check: Spell check is great for catching those stray typos, but it won’t catch homophones or missing words from a sentence. Always re-read your post before publishing.

4. Make Time: If you want to blog, but have failed in the past, you need to make time and have a schedule. You need to decide how often you want to blog and then set aside one hour on those days to write your post. And don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day! I also suggest getting your blog posts out of the way early, then you have the rest of the day for your other priorities.

5. Comment on other Blogs: One of the best ways to create a new relationship with potential buyers and readers of your blog is to comment on other blogs. When you leave a comment you are also leaving a link back to your blog, it’s the most simple way to attract visitors. When commenting be active, be courteous, and be genuine.

Computer Cat by Lauren Davis
Computer Cat by Lauren Davis

The Don’ts

1. Don’t be spammy: If the majority of your posts contain an image of your art and a Paypal button you are missing out on a wider audience.

2. Turn off the Music: There is nothing I hate more than visiting a blog and be accosted by music and then scrambling around the page looking for the stop button. Don’t do it, it’s rude.

3. You Shall not Pass!: Does your blog take ages to load? Is it cluttered with flash widgets and other unnecessary baggage? These things can make it incredibly difficult for visitors to read your blog. Keep it clean!

4. Not Replying To Comments: If someone posts a comment on your blog you need to respond. They are taking the time to stop by your blog, read your post and compliment your work. If someone did this in public you wouldn’t ignore them, would you?

5. Irregular Posting: You don’t have to post every day for your blog to be successful, but you do need to stick to a schedule. Not blogging for a month is like stabbing your blog in the heart. Pick a schedule and stick to it!

Author: Amanda Makepeace

Artist inspired by nature, fantasy and distant worlds.

14 thoughts on “The Do’s and Don’ts of Art Blogging”

  1. Good advice….so here’s me leaving a comment! LOL! I’ve been trying to spend a little less time on the computer, but I still set aside a certain amount of time each week for it.

    1. Now I’m clicking on your link because you made me laugh. Good tips…I’m starting yet another blog again. Regular posting seems to be my downfall.

  2. Well, amazingly enough it seems that I have been doing things pretty true to this – minus the consistency in when I post, lol. I guess it is a lot like exercising. If I don’t exercise each day or at least every other day, I don’t lose weight. Good post and good points! Thanks!

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