EBSQ Bloggers of the Week: Tips for Blogging Part 2

This week, in lieu of the Blogger of the Week feature, we are taking a look back through our featured Bloggers and focusing on some of the tips they gave for successful art blogging. Most artists know by now that blogging can be extremely beneficial for marketing their art, but it can also be the biggest hurdle to overcome. We hope some of these top tips help!

Diapente by Sandra Willard1. Sandra Willard

The best way that I’ve found to improve my blog is by reading other people’s blogs.  I make notes about what I like about their blogs and then consider doing the same thing with mine.  One of my favorite blogs is usually about art but every so often she interjects personal or interesting comments regarding something she had discovered that day.  It’s fun to see what other artists do outside of their studio.  It helps me to understand what inspires them and where they come from.

The Google Analytics tool has become my new best friend. For example, since following the statistics of readers to my blog, I’ve noticed that the titles of my posts seem to be the reason people find my blog. So I try to make them relevant to the content of the post.

If someone leaves a comment be sure to follow up on it.  There is no better feeling then when I get a response to a comment that I’ve posted on someone else’s blog!

Needles of Light by Jeanne Forsyth2. Jeanne Forsyth

Stay current – I try to post at least once a week.  When I do a work in progress, I will spread that out over several posts.  This keeps my readers interested and checking back for progress updates.

Pictures are a big deal.  Good quality is a must.  Art buyers, and gallery owners are looking at your work. First impressions mean everything.  I edit every picture before putting it on the blog.  Usually the color from the camera is not as vibrant as my painting in real life.  I will do the necessary adjustments needed for the best quality.  Cropping the picture also allows the viewer to see the piece clearly and pleasing to the eye.

I try to keep my articles in my blog on an upbeat and positive note.  I think most people are in looking more than reading, so keeping it simple and directed to the artwork works best for me.

My objective is to motivate and inspire my readers.  The best compliment to me is when a reader takes the time to comment on my work.  I always try to respond back, and pay that blogger a visit if they are keeping a blog.

Watercolors by Erika Nelson3. Erika Nelson

My biggest tip is not to get too wordy and try to have a focus like you need a focal point in your painting. People live busy lives and they’re looking for a quick read and hope to gain something (knowledge, humor, good news, etc). from the 5 minutes they have to spare. Must use IMAGES- they are wonderful baits! But same advice – try not to get carried away; too much of anything is too much.

Author: Amanda Makepeace

Artist inspired by nature, fantasy and distant worlds.

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