EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Cindy Couling

Cindy Couling Art Brain

Who and where are you?

I’m Cindy Couling. I’m an artist and graphic designer from Sunnyvale, CA. By day I run my own design shop and I illustrate commercially now and then. By night (and whenever I can fit it in) I do art for myself. I’m Canadian born, fell in love on the internet with a wonderful American man who married me and changed my world. I play around with any art medium that catches me eye. I do ceramics for awhile, then paint and journal, then do a little of whatever craft that’s interesting to me that week and come full circle back to ceramics. I think I am a little A-D-D when it comes to art. I love every aspect of art and want to try everything.

Skulls by Cindy Couling

How did you get started art blogging?

I’ve never been a good writer. I find it really hard to express myself with words alone. I loved the idea of blogging, but wasn’t excited about writing. Instead of writing, I decided to post a visual journal and let my art tell my stories. Over the years I’ve become more vocal and more confident in my writing.

Peace on Earth by Cindy Couling

Any tips for other EBSQ art bloggers?

Don’t be worried about being a good writer. Let your art speak for you. Post what appeals to you, not what you think the viewers want to see. Be your true self.

Namaste by Cindy Couling

What’s your musical inspiration of choice when you’re working in your studio? 

I love all kinds of music, but I love good, cheesy 70’s and 80’s music. Listening to ‘Car Wash’ or ‘Bennie and the Jets’ takes me back to being a kid again, playing and not giving a sh*t about what other people think. I also love letting my ipod decide what I want to hear based on a single song choice. (I’m amazed at how smart the ‘genius’ function is.) Technology blows me away. (I’m such a nerd in soooo many ways. lol.)

Be Yourself by Cindy Couling

What can we expect to see next from your studio?

Who knows! (…and I like ‘not knowing’!) Right now I am working on ceramics again, but my art journal is calling to me again.


Thank you Cindy for being an EBSQ Blogger of the Week!

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