EBSQ Friday Five

The EBSQ Friday Five offers a brief look at noteworthy news from around the EBSQ Artist Blogosphere.

Divining by Elis Cooke

1. Divining – Elis Cooke’s new painting is part of a series incorporating collage. I love artists who have the gift of blending collage into their paintings. Gorgeous!

2. 10 Ways to Established your place in this World as an Artist – Excellent post by Stacey Zimmerman. I always find it interesting to read another artists outlook on making it in this world.

3. Local Bindery Saves – Sara Burrier takes us on a journey to find the best printer for postcards.

4. Earth Day Sale – Artist at EBSQ are already gearing up for Earth Day on April 22nd. Kylie Marie, of Lotus out Loud, is one such artist. Check her blog for details on the Etsy sale beginning this weekend!

5. Are you an EBSQ artist who blogs? Do you write noteworthy articles? I want you in my feed reader! Contact me at EBSQ.

Have a great weekend!

Author: Amanda Makepeace

Artist inspired by nature, fantasy and distant worlds.

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