Team EBSQ-Etsy Featured Friday Showcase: Butterflies

This month’s Team EBSQ-Etsy theme was Butterflies, and what a stunning display of Spring!

These Spring-a-rific works of art were brought to you by:  Christina A Kapono, Jaishi, Aimee Koester, Lindsay E Cheesewright, Laura Winzeler, Melia Dawn Newman, Windi Rosson, Emmarts, Kris Jean, Shawn Marie Hardy, Sherry Key, Renée Gandy, Torrie Smiley, Elis Cooke, and  Charlene Murray Zatloukal.

Next month: Mother Earth

Kris Jean, Mod Team EBSQ-Etsy

2 thoughts on “Team EBSQ-Etsy Featured Friday Showcase: Butterflies”

  1. What a fabulous showcase!! Great job, KJ. My only regret is that I didn’t get anything into it. Thank you for all of your hard work to put this together!

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