EBSQ Spotlight on Digital Art: Kevin Wells

This month’s featured gallery is Digital Art. Digital Art is not defined by one genre or style but rather the means used to create it. With the advance of digital tools and software, anything is possible. Like any medium, Digital Art requires the talent, patience, skill, and creativity of the artist to come alive. Digital Art is limited only by the imagination (and skill) of the artist. This month we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of EBSQ’s Digital artists.

Kevin Wells

Bomber #2 Kevin Wells

The art I’ve made in digital mediums is creating collages with my photographs in Photoshop by taking each photo and manipulating them, sometimes radically, changing the hues, cropping, etc., and layering them within a composition as transparencies. Also adding line art that I’ve scanned and again manipulated to get the colors and effects i want. Finally “painting” on the piece with Photoshop’s airbrush and paint software that’s built-in. It’s a technique i discovered in college that i became comfortable with because of the total freedom it allows. It naturally turned me toward these modern graphic pop Robert Rauschenberg type of images because that what hit me when i first discovered Photoshop. Earlier than this, on Microsoft Paint, standard on all PC’s, I began literally drawing or painting with the program much the same way I would do an oil painting, with an underpainting, and then building it up in blocks of color and using the “airbrush” tool to soften edges in certain places. When you say “Digital Art”, you’re really describing art made with computer software and photography, where said software is just another tool or medium, the same as oil paints or pastels. – Kevin Wells

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  1. Thanks for your outlook…I agree…it’s how you use the tools you have as an artist, whatever they are…it still takes an artist mind to put it all together. Thanks again Kevin

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