EBSQ Spotlight on Seasonal Art: Be My Valentine – Christina M. Givens

This month’s featured gallery is Seasonal Art: Be My Valentine.  St. Valentine’s Day is February 14th. It’s popularity means that February has become the season of everything love – hearts, flowers, candy and things done up in pink and red. Throughout the month of February, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of the EBSQ artists that celebrate this holiday by creating art.

Christina M. Givens

The Siren's Key... Temptation - Christina M. Givens

The month of February for some symbolizes love and for others it can symbolize the opposite. A lot of people have mixed feelings about the valentines holiday. With my work I try to capture the one thing that is constant year-round. It is the one emotion that can not be faked, that can not be put into a greeting card. And that emotion is passion. With out passion we would not strive to create works of art from our soul. This is my driving force of creating. With every piece of jewelry I make or every brush stroke my hand creates, there is a piece of my passion flowing into the finished piece. Valentine’s Day is a day for use to celebrate the love, passion & devotion we have for our loved one’s and our creative pursuits. There is a passion, obsession & devotion most artists feel when creating. This month just amplifies those emotions and the end result is very moving and heartfelt pieces. – Christina M. Givens

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